Safety Comes First at Bigboss Transport

We operate with industry standard safety code. All of our drivers and staff are equipped with the right knowledge to keep a safe environment.


Safety is of paramount importance to Big Boss Transportation, we ensure that all staff members and drivers use best practices when operating equipment and trucks. Adherence to strict regulations is a part of our company’s core values and has given us an excellent safety track record for the past 25 years. Additionally, through the implementation of GPS, we provide real time monitoring of the safety of our personnel.

Equipment Safety

Big Boss Transport ensures that all of our trucks and equipment runs efficiently and to the highest safety standards. We work with experienced and highly trusted professionals to maintain our fleet of tractors. Also, our dedicated drivers play a major role in monitoring through daily inspections and reporting.

Policy & Procedures

Big Boss Transport’s staff and driving team are ensured a respectful workplace that provides them the opportunity to succeed in their careers. In accordance to our belief of a respectful environment, all staff members are trained on policies and regulations we abide by.

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